Baked yuba rolls with fermented tofu and red sauce

Phew this was a labour of love! The results were pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves, but it was tricky, and time consuming… if you want to impress, or try something unusual, and have a spare 24 hours, give it a go!

While we were researching making soy milk a few weeks ago, we spied instructions for making yuba, or tofu skin and really fancied having a go. But then what to do with it once we’d made it…

It’s a while since we’ve played around with strained soy yoghurt, but the creamy flavour and texture is perfect to use as a cream cheese substitute. So we thought why not use it in place of ricotta and make a fusion type of cannelloni!

Along with the soy cream cheese, we’ve used spinach and mushrooms flavoured with fermented tofu to stuff the yuba. Fermented tofu is very strongly flavoured, and reminiscent of blue cheese. It’s delicious, but you only need a tiny amount!

Along with a roast pepper sauce flavoured with ginger and coriander this makes an unusual, and really rather fancy meal!

Feel free to make it with gluten free lasagne sheets or crepes, or paper tofu which was our original intention if it hadn’t gone off before the use by date….

The finished dish!

The finished dish!

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