Corn, spinach and sweet potato cakes with parsley mushrooms and avocado

This has got to be a contender for our favourite breakfast, we made it this morning and considering it was a bit off the cuff, were ever so pleased with how it came out!
It was one of those mornings when you start off with no inspiration, but a desultory (initially) trawl through the vegetable rack, freezer and store cupboard perked us up no end and we made this lovely, colourful and satisfying meal. Hooray!



Corn, spinach and sweet potato cakes with parsley mushrooms and avocado

serves 2

for the corn, spinach and sweet potato cakes
1 medium sweet potato, cooked and skinned (we baked ours, but microwaved or boiled would be good too)
140 g sweetcorn, we used tinned
75 g frozen spinach, defrosted
a pinch of salt and black pepper
30 g rice flour, plus a little extra for coating
4 tbsp polenta
3 tbsp oil for frying
for the parsley mushrooms
150 g button mushrooms
1 tbsp oil
a pinch of salt
2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
1 avocado, halved and sliced

Heat the oil for the mushrooms in a frying pan and saute the mushrooms, stirring often, for 6 – 8 minutes until cooked through and juicy. Season with salt and stir through the parsley. Keep warm. Roughly mash the cooked sweet potato with a fork and then stir through the corn, spinach, seasoning and rice flour. The mixture will be quite loose.
Mix the remaining rice flour and polenta together on a plate.
Heat the 3 tbsp oil in a frying pan (use the same one that you cooked the mushrooms in).
Divide the corn mixture into 4 and form each one into a patty. Set carefully into the polenta mixture and then turn to coat both sides. Transfer to the hot pan and cook for around 4 minutes per side, on a medium heat, until golden and crispy. Serve with the parsley mushrooms, and sliced avocado.

By A. and E.


Spinach and mushroom Okara burgers

Today finds me feeling a bit under the weather, I have been for a couple of days actually, so I’m getting a bit tired of soup ( best not let Ellie hear me say that) and fancy something a bit more substantial to eat.

I’ve still got Okara knocking around from making soya milk (see the recipe here) and a cold baked potato as I tend to batch bake them and use them in other dishes ( soup made with marrowfat peas and baked potato is super comforting)

There isn’t anything in this recipe to bind them together but they still hold together well, if you want something more robust (for using as a frisbee or something .. I don’t know what you kids get up to nowadays) then 50g of gluten free flour of your choice, either a mixed or tapioca, would really firm them up.

ready for serving

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Risotto burgers

So this is what I made with some of the leftover risotto from the other day!

As I’ve mentioned before, I do like to make something silly to have on sandwiches for lunch at work on a Friday…

The burgers are golden and crisp on the outside, and lovely and gooey inside (particularly if you put a little melty vegan cheese in as I did…), although to be honest they’d have been great without.

They’re super easy to make, and certainly one of the most delicious, indulgent dishes I’ve ever made with leftovers!

Risotto burgers - I may have 'tested' one of them before I took the photo...

Risotto burgers – I may have tested (okay eaten…) one of them before I took the photo…

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