June’s Vegan Flowbox review

It seems hardly any time since last month’s box turned up, goodness time flies when you’re working every hour there is!

This is another box with a good weight to it, and a very intriguing rattle when shaken, which is hopefully not something I’ve broken already …

So let’s dive straight in and see what we have..


mystery parcel of fun and goodies

First out is Alice & Oscar’s Quinola Mothergrain Express, it’s a microwaveable pouch of pearl and black quinoa. I’ve had this before and it’s really satisfying and makes a great alternative to a pouch of microwave rice .. Plus the packaging is just great!

Next out is another big pack ( it doesn’t rattle much though, I’ve checked) this is by Made Good and is a pack of Strawberry Muesli Minis .. They look really tasty, and not something I’ve seen before, little bites of muesli fruity bites .. with … vegetables!? Hang on .. Yip .. Vegetables, it includes vegetable powder and shiitake mushroom .. Goodness knows what it’ll do to the taste but it’s certainly interesting!

Ooh, well this is something I’ve wanted to try, Baobab Superfruit powder by Minvita. I see Baobab powder appearing again and again, but know nothing about it and don’t really want to commit to a big expensive pack of the stuff, so this 5g sachet should be a great introduction

A Cliff Bar is next, this is the one item in the box I can’t eat as it has Barley and the evil glutens in it. However it’s Chocolate Almond Fudge flavour and I can see this being a very tasty treat and its 68 Grams so there’s a goodly amount of it too!

There’s the first layer dug through, and I think I see a likely culprit for the rattling .. Hang on .. <shake shake shake rattle rattle rattle>  it is! By Rehlauf it’s Thai chilli & lemongrass roasted soy-beans, again this is a product I haven’t see before, but it’s great packaging and sounds really yummy.

A full size, 400ml, bottle of Faith in Nature’s Pomegranate and Rooibos shampoo is next. I love their products and haven’t tried this shampoo before, it has a very clean and slightly fruity scent, Yay!

Then we have an Organic Acai Berry bar from Beond, this is a raw bar flavoured with Acai and raspberry, it’s off to to be a tasty treat at work.

Another product I haven’t seen before, by Smooze! There are two Fruit Ice’s one is coconut and mango, the other is coconut and pineapple, they look really fun and are off into the freezer now for when the weather warms up or tomorrow .. Y’know whichever appears first 🙂

Last out are Seaveg Crispies by Clearspring, which is a toasted Nori snack, I’m really fond of Nori and often sneak it into dishes for a taste of the sea!


all unpacked and waiting to be eaten .. apart from the shampoo.

Well, what a great selection again! The last few months of Flowbox have been great, interesting and different with a really good mix of products.

By A