The 13th Note, Glasgow and a recipe for bombay chips with dipping daal 

And so to the last of the mini reviews from our trip to Glasgow! We arrived at The 13th Note just after they opened on a Saturday lunchtime, we were the second people in but by the time we were eating it was pretty much full! We enjoyed the food, but weren’t as fond of the atmosphere here. As well as good menu, the cocktail list looked great, but it was a little early in the day for us to sample them unfortunately!

On Saturday and Sunday lunchtime, there’s a brunch menu on offer, and we were keen to try two of the dishes.

We ate –

Huevos Mexicanos

Brunch Thali

As the gluten free option for both dishes (instead of flatbreads) we were offered a choice of tortilla chips, rice (I think I’m remembering that correctly!), or chips… The chips have been voted best in Glasgow, so we had to try them! And very nice they were too, thin cut, skin on, and flavoured with salt and rosemary.

The Heuvos Mexicanos was a flavourful dish of scrambled tofu with chillies, tomato, onion and coriander. It had a decent kick of heat and the flavours all went very well together.

The Brunch Thali comprised of daal, raita and bombay potatoes. The daal was gorgeous, rich and tasty with lovely flavours. We dipped the chips in it, which was extremely yummy… The raita was good, although it had chilli in which was a bit if a surprise, I’d usually think of raita as a cooling counterpoint to the chilli in other dishes! The bombay potatoes were actually roasted potatoes with onions and spices, rather than the tomatoey spiced potatoes we were expecting. Very tasty though! All in all it was a delicious meal, and everything else we saw coming out of the kitchen looked great too.

And now my recipe inspired by that meal. In a nod to the chips and bombay potatoes at The 13th Note, I have created… bombay chips! Using the twice cooked method, the chips are first simmered in a spiced tomato mixture before being deep fried. The chips take on the flavours of the tomato and spices subtly but beautifully, and sprinkled with salt and coriander make a perfect dipper for daal. I’m very pleased with them!

My daal recipe has a slightly unusual spice mixture, but it works ever so well, particularly with the bombay chips. I also like to cook the yellow split peas before the other lentils go in the pot, I think it results in a better texture at the end.

Bombay chips and dipping daal

Bombay chips and dipping daal

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