May’s Vegan Flowbox review

I’d like to start with a bit of an apology first, I completely missed writing the review of the April box, it was a great selection of foods and if I get chance I’ll write a retrospective review of it, as I’ve eaten most of what was in the box now it would be a fun thing to do.

Anyhow .. On to the May box.The first thing you notice is the weight of the box it’s immense. Opening it up the box is jampacked with goodies.

so much stuff!

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April’s The VeganKind box review

As usual both of my boxes turned up on the same day of the month. This months VeganKind box has got a good weight to it. Whatever is in there feels fairly substantial!

just waiting to be unpacked

So let’s see what’s in there.. This months recipe card is from the Vegan cookie fairy and uses the first ingredient to come out of the box Ginger coconut sugar from Coconom, I’ve tired their normal coconut sugar and it’s good stuff, it has a caramel-y, molasses-y, flavour, I can see how it could work very well with ginger, so this will probably get used in my next batch of biscuits.

Next out is a Dark chocolate Peanut butter cup with Maldon sea salt by Eat Chic . In the interests of reviewing I’ll eat this now … Yum .. The chocolate is dark and slightly bitter with a roasty, toasty, flavour, the peanut butter is slightly sweet and the salt really lifts the whole thing. I like it a lot.

Whilst I’m munching the peanut butter cup the next thing I lay my sticky paws on is a bag of Soffle’s Chilli and Garlic Pitta chips. I have it on good authority that these are a great tasty crunchy snack, but not for me as they are made with wheat flour.

Yay, more chocolate next, in the shape of a pack of Coco Mylk buttons from Ombar, they describe themselves as organic raw chocolate with coconut cream and live cultures, which sounds great!

Ha, and last out is just what I need seeing as I’m now covered in chocolate and peanut butter a nig bottle of Coconut hand wash from Faith in Nature, I’ve used a few of their products and they have always been consistently very good.

photo taken before the mysterious disappearance of the peanut butter cup

It seems like a really good box this month .. Now I’m off to wash my hands.. 🙂

by A