Avocado polenta with mushrooms

I was fancying a really creamy yummy polenta for lunch, and was about to reach for the soya milk when I spotted a couple of avocados lurking in the fridge. Hmm, thought I, avocados are creamy.. So this quick, tasty and very easy lunch was born.


For 2 lunch portions, you’ll need:

2 ripe avocados (mine weighed 150g in total after peeling)

75g quick cook polenta

150g mushrooms

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1/2 tsp caraway seeds

1/2 tsp fennel seeds

Small handful of fresh herbs ( I used oregano, but mint would be lovely)


Cold water


Start off by adding the oil to a pan let it warm up whilst you clean the mushrooms, add them to a pan on a low-ish heat. I’ve left mine whole, but feel free to slice! After a few minutes when the mushrooms start to brown add the balsamic vinegar, cook for another minute then turn the heat off and leave the mushrooms to rest.

mushrooms starting to cook

Peel and weigh the avocados, we’re going to make a simple avocado cream to cook our polenta in. You’ll need the same weight of water as avocado. In my case 150g of avocado and 150g of water. This ratio makes a thick cream that will still work with the polenta.

Blend the avocado and water together, if the avocados are really ripe you can just smush them together.

Add the avocado cream to another pan on a low heat, then quickly add the polenta, salt, caraway and fennel. Cook for a minute or two until the polenta mix thickens to a purée texture. Turn off the heat, rip up the herbs and stir them through.

Plate up and eat ..!

By A