Creamy courgette and bean layer bake

This is the last one in my trio of recipes from one batch of rich savoury beans! We ate it cold for lunch at work last week, and it made great filling meal without being heavy. The vegan cream cheese is so simple, and adds a lovely richness without being cloying like the dairy version can be.

The courgette is marinated before baking in a very simple water based mixture including cassia bark and oregano, for a little hint of moussaka flavour.

The vegan cream cheese does need to be started a few hours before the rest of the recipe, but it takes only a couple of minutes to set it straining. I used a coffee filter rather than muslin this time, which worked a treat!

When making this recipe I had, for the first time ever I think, a bitter courgette… It didn’t spoil the dish thank goodness, but has reminded me to always taste vegetables before cooking with them!

Creamy courgette and bean layer bake

Creamy courgette and bean layer bake

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