May’s Vegan Flowbox review

I’d like to start with a bit of an apology first, I completely missed writing the review of the April box, it was a great selection of foods and if I get chance I’ll write a retrospective review of it, as I’ve eaten most of what was in the box now it would be a fun thing to do.

Anyhow .. On to the May box.The first thing you notice is the weight of the box it’s immense. Opening it up the box is jampacked with goodies.

so much stuff!

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March’s Vegan Flowbox review

As I said in this post both my subscription boxes turned up on the same day this week. I’m only just getting round to looking at what’s in this one but it looks a fun selection!

As usual, it is very nicely presented with the green tissue paper and straw string wrapping.

All wrapped up and full of surprises ...

All wrapped up and full of surprises …

In the paperwork there is a recipe card for juices, some of them sound very tasty.

Anyway, onto the really good stuff…

The treats start to reveal themselves..

The treats start to reveal themselves..

First out of the box is Soffle’s Rosemary and Thyme Pitta chips. This a decent sized bag (60g) and has an ingredients list that is lovely and simple. They do use wheat flour though, so aren’t for me .. They can go the bribe pile.

Next out we have a carton (330ml) of goji berry juice from The Berry Company. Goji is not one of my favourite flavours, but this is also made with grape and passion fruit so I have high hopes!

Then there’s a Doves Farm Banana and hemp seed flapjack, I have a deep love of flapjacks and thankfully these are made with gluten free oats so is Alex friendly!

Next up is fascinating lookin thing! Pure Vida Raw sprouted onion bread, it’s made of onion, sprouted buckwheat, ground flaxseed, olive oil and salt. I haven’t tried anything quite like this before so am rather looking forward to it!

Rawnola from Planet Organic is the next thing I grab with my greedy paws, this is Cacao and vanilla flavour and says it can be used as a sprinkle or mixed with yogurt or as a cereal. Work breakfasts tend to be what we call Poghurt a mix of porridge oats and soya yoghurt, this should make a fun alternative!

Next up is a tiny bottle of Balance bath and shower oil from BalmBalm, the bottle is only 5ml but it says that is enough for 2 or 3 showers .. We shall see! It smells lovely with notes of lavender, mint and geranium.

I was just thinking whether to start munching the next item as I wrote about it but spotted it has gluten in it, it’s a Justnuts Fruitfull Apple and Cinnamon bar the gluten comes from spelt in it so it should be a satisfying eat, just not for me.

The next item is called a Yummy Scrummy! And is from Elements for
Life, it’s a raw brownie by the looks of it and is chock full of fruit and nuts, it also looks so pretty! I’m looking forward to it a lot!

Last out of the box is a jar of Organic Kalamon Olive spread by Esti, I do like a good olive spread and this sounds great, it’s just olives, vinegar, salt, oregano and olive oil yum yum.

All the goodies posing together

All the goodies posing together

It’s another good selection from Flowbox, I like that the treats are primarily gluten free but do wish they did a completely gluten free vegan box too!

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