Seaweed wild rice salad with roasted tofu, edamame, pumpkin seeds and mushrooms

I’ve cooked beans with seaweed before, but never rice until one of this week’s work lunches.
It really works very well for this recipe, seasoning the rice and potatoes and adding a subtle flavour.
To make the rice into a lovely protein packed salad, I roasted a mixture of tofu, edamame beans, pumpkin seeds and mushrooms in a tamari and mirin dressing. The combination was really delicious, and fun to eat too with all the interesting textures!


Seaweed wild rice salad with tofu, edamame, pumpkin seeds and mushrooms

makes 4 servings

for the wild rice
200 g wild rice, rinsed
10 cm x 10 cm piece of kombu seaweed, cut into 8 pieces
3 smallish potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
for the salad
400 g firm tofu, pressed and cut into 1 cm cubes
150 g edamame beans
300 g mushrooms, cut into nice chunky pieces
4 tbsp pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp mirin
3 tbsp tamari
2 tbsp oil
1 tbsp dried ramsons or 1 clove chopped garlic
black pepper

Preheat the oven to 210 degrees c.
If you have a rice cooker, put the wild rice, potatoes, and kombu into the pot along with water according to the machine instructions (about 0.5 l) and set it off cooking. Mine took around 40 minutes for the rice to be cooked through but still with a bit of texture.
If you’re using a saucepan, cook the wild rice as you would brown rice, adding the potatoes after around 15 minutes.
Mix the mirin, tamari, oil, ramsons and black pepper in the corner of a large roasting tray.
Tip in the tofu, mushrooms, edamame and pumpkin seeds and toss everything together well. Work quickly before the pesky tofu and mushrooms soak up all the dressing!
Roast for 25 minutes, until the tofu and mushrooms are browned in places and the edamame beans are starting to wrinkle.
The dressing, and liquid released by the mushrooms as they cook should have almost evaporated.
Remove the seaweed from the rice and mix with the vegetables and tofu. If you’re eating it for work lunches remember to cool the rice as quickly as possible and get it into the fridge.

By E.


Dried tofu sticks with roasted vegetables, edamame, and coriander dressing

I find it all too easy to think of roasted vegetables as a Mediterranean dish, with basil and tomatoes and that sort of thing. But increasingly I’ve been pairing them with Chinese or Japanese style flavours (or more often a mixture of the two!). And it can make for some really delicious salads to eat for work lunches.
Here I’m serving the vegetables with a lovely gingery coriander dressing, and some fresh edamame beans. And also, dried tofu sticks which I’ve always meant to try but never got round to, they’re hard to get hold of round here. But lo and behold I found that you can buy them online from tesco!
The dried tofu sticks are actually rolls of very thin tofu sheet and are soaked in water until pliable and then sliced and added to the vegetables. And very good they are too, adding a great texture.
I’m serving this dish cold with rice for work lunches, but it would be lovely hot too.


Dried tofu sticks with roasted vegetables, edamame beans, and coriander ginger dressing

makes 4 servings

150 g edamame beans
100 g dried tofu sticks
150 g butternut squash and sweet potato (I used a mixed pack from the supermarket, but either one would be fine)
2 courgettes, cut into chunks
1 red pepper cut into chunks
140 g cabbage, shredded
40 g cashew nuts
1 1/2 tbsp oil
a pinch of salt
5 cm of fresh ginger, grated
3 tbsp coriander leaf, fresh or frozen
1 tbsp tamari
1 tbsp mirin
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
75 ml water
1/4 tsp xanthan gum, optional but gives the dressing a bit of body

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees c.
In a large roasting tin, mix the butternut squash, sweet potato, courgettes and red pepper with the oil and salt.
Roast for 1 hour total until the edges of the vegetables are starting to char. 30 minutes into the roasting time, add the cabbage and cashews and give it all a good mix, and then stir again after 45 minutes. This ensures the cabbage and cashews don’t catch and burn.
To make the dressing, put the ginger, tamari, mirin, vinegar and water in a small saucepan and heat until just about to simmer. Turn the heat off, whisk in the xanthan gum and then stir through the coriander.
Soak the dried tofu sticks in hot water for 3 -5 minutes. They will turn paler and opaque. Drain, squeeze the excess water out (carefully, it may be hot!), and snip into 1-2 cm pieces with scissors. If the very ends of the tofu sticks haven’t softened discard them.
Mix the edamame beans, tofu and dressing through the roasted vegetables to serve.

By E.