Butter Pie – a vegan version

Like the parched peas that I posted the recipe for here, butter pie is a very very
Lancashire dish. My grandad was a baker so I grew up with them,
but I do understand why it seems a strange idea!
It’s not as odd as it sounds though, being a potato and onion pie, flavoured with
When Alex and I started eating vegan it was one of the first things on our list to
rework, it’s taken us a while to get a recipe we’re happy with though!
Of course there’s no butter in our version, but to recreate the richness (after
much thought!) we’ve come up with this lovely recipe in which the
potatoes are cooked using the confit method, but at a slightly higher temperature.
The potatoes are submerged in oil with aromatics and then baked, the resulting
texture is, well, buttery!
The onions though, must be boiled….
We made tiny versions of these as canapes recently, and they went down an
absolute storm!

Butter Pie - a vegan version

Butter Pie – a vegan version

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