Catering the Mark Leckey exhibition opening at The Grundy, Blackpool


Felix the Cat cake, for the Mark Leckey exhibition at The Grundy

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front over the last couple of weeks, but there’s a very good reason…

We were asked to cater the opening of the new Mark Leckey exhibition This Kolossal Kat, That Massive MOG at The Grundy gallery in Blackpool.
Wow it’s been fun! We’re just back at vegan bungalow now, and completely exhausted!
As well as canapes, we were commissioned to make a Felix the Cat cake for Mark’s birthday as a surprise, it’s the most structural cake we’ve ever made but we’re so pleased with how it turned out!
The food all got eaten (including the entire cake!), and we had some great comments, here’s our menu (we went for a black and white theme in honour of Felix!) –

Hoisin jackfruit rice sandwiches

Tortilla cups with black eye bean chilli and vegan sour cream


Hoisin jackfruit rice sandwiches and tortilla cups with black eye bean chilli and vegan sour cream

Mini pittas with lemon almond cheese and celeriac coleslaw


Mini pittas with almond lemon cheese and celeriac coleslaw

White chocolate tiffin with cherry, pistachio and crispies

Dark chocolate tiffin with blackcurrant blueberry jelly and oaty biscuit



Veganbungalow’s white and dark chocolate tiffins

Some of the recipes we’ve blogged previously, but over the next few days we’ll add the new ones. Meanwhile, here’s some more pictures!


The tables all set up, see Alex’s beautiful steel work, the Felix inspired stands for the trays! Just gorgeous.


Mark Leckey cutting the Felix the Cat cake we made!

By A. and E.


vegan, gluten free party cake!

Since we both started eating plant based, we haven’t made any wedding cakes or celebration cakes as we didn’t have a gluten free vegan cake recipe we thought could hold up to all the decorations. But with the advent of Alex’s gorgeous cake recipe that we published a few weeks ago, we were all go again!

It was my nephews 1st birthday party today, and my sister and brother in law had asked if we’d make the cake. We were so happy to be asked!

Designing cakes is really one of our favourite things. So we made a parade cake, with Jimmy’ s (and our…) favourite characters and toys. We had a great time with sugarpaste making the animals!

We’re so pleased with how it came out, and it tasted great too!

No recipe this time, but we really wanted to share the photos!



We also made some rather sophisticated black forest cupcakes for the adults as a counterpoint to the rainbow bright birthday cake, we’ll post photos of them tomorrow…

By E and A


The big event!

Just a quick post, we’ve just got home from the exhibition preview we were catering.  As usual we didn’t get any decent photos at all and all 300 canapes were eaten in 45 minutes. Here is a blurry photo that I managed to snap of part of the table as we were setting up. See the palafel boats in the bottom left corner! When we’ve recovered we’ll start posting the recipes. We met some lovely people and if you’re anywhere near Blackpool it’s a fantastic exhibition. Many thanks to everyone at the Grundy!



By A+E


quietness and catering

We’ve been a bit quiet on the recipe front for a few days… But with good reason!

We’re doing vegan and gluten free canapes for the opening of an exhibition at the Grundy Gallery in Blackpool on the 24th April! We’re very excited about it, and having a lot of fun perfecting our recipes.

Here’s our menu-


Palafel – parched pea falafel

Miniature ‘butter’ pies

Oatcakes with spice pickled beetroot and homemade vegan cream cheese


Miniature Manchester tarts

Goosnargh curd cakes

As you can see we’re doing a Lancashire/North West theme!

Here’s the details of the exhibition, if anyone is in the area you should come along! It’s called Modern History vol. 1.

Well be posting our recipes after the event, but here’s a picture of where we’re up to with the Goosnargh curd cakes…

Goosnargh curd cakes in progress...

Goosnargh curd cakes v2.2

By A. and E.