Catering the Mark Leckey exhibition opening at The Grundy, Blackpool


Felix the Cat cake, for the Mark Leckey exhibition at The Grundy

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front over the last couple of weeks, but there’s a very good reason…

We were asked to cater the opening of the new Mark Leckey exhibition This Kolossal Kat, That Massive MOG at The Grundy gallery in Blackpool.
Wow it’s been fun! We’re just back at vegan bungalow now, and completely exhausted!
As well as canapes, we were commissioned to make a Felix the Cat cake for Mark’s birthday as a surprise, it’s the most structural cake we’ve ever made but we’re so pleased with how it turned out!
The food all got eaten (including the entire cake!), and we had some great comments, here’s our menu (we went for a black and white theme in honour of Felix!) –

Hoisin jackfruit rice sandwiches

Tortilla cups with black eye bean chilli and vegan sour cream


Hoisin jackfruit rice sandwiches and tortilla cups with black eye bean chilli and vegan sour cream

Mini pittas with lemon almond cheese and celeriac coleslaw


Mini pittas with almond lemon cheese and celeriac coleslaw

White chocolate tiffin with cherry, pistachio and crispies

Dark chocolate tiffin with blackcurrant blueberry jelly and oaty biscuit



Veganbungalow’s white and dark chocolate tiffins

Some of the recipes we’ve blogged previously, but over the next few days we’ll add the new ones. Meanwhile, here’s some more pictures!


The tables all set up, see Alex’s beautiful steel work, the Felix inspired stands for the trays! Just gorgeous.


Mark Leckey cutting the Felix the Cat cake we made!

By A. and E.

7 thoughts on “Catering the Mark Leckey exhibition opening at The Grundy, Blackpool

    • Hi Laurena! Lol it’s a real combined effort with the cake, we split the carving between us Ellie carved the shape, I bevelled it. Ellie covered the cake, and I airbrushed it. We did the finishing between us! ..and its not our regular job, we’re both engineers (in different fields) it made for some immensely long but fun days catering the exhibition. We’re doing more catering this weekend, so have got a day or two off to find the time. πŸ™‚

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      • Hello Alex πŸ™‚ Wow! Totally a combined effort then – well done! It’s great that you both enjoy the same foods and can create such fantastic pieces for catering. I miss doing outside catering – although I really don’t miss the hours! πŸ˜› How do people find you if they want an event catered?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oops accidentally clicked Reply! I meant to say that we aren’t actively seeking other catering work at the moment, as although it’s tremendous fun, it’s hard to fit in for timing with the day jobs.. Ellie and I do keep discussing though about which we prefer and would rather be doing, either the fun exciting cookings or the rubbish office work.. Have a guess which we prefer πŸ˜‰


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