Pitta breads, vegan and gluten free

We’ve been playing with different combinations of flours and consistencies of doughs recently, and this one has emerged as our definite favourite!
The millet flour gives the dough a really lovely flavour, like wholemeal bread, and as long as it’s rested after mixing is easy to work with.
It started off as a dough for potsticker dumplings, and it works very well in that capacity, but we found that it really comes into its own when baked. We’ve made pizza style garlic bread with it, and calzones, and pitta crisps (recipe to come for those…), all of which were great!
But the fact that the dough puffs up beautifully in the oven is most exciting, it means we can have pitta breads!
Also exciting, is the fact that the pittas can be frozen when when the dough is raw and baked straight from the freezer. Hooray!


Vegan, gluten free pitta breads!

makes 16

150 g cassava flour
200 g millet flour
100 g rice flour, plus extra for dusting the board
200 g potato starch
5.5 tsp xanthan gum
a large pinch of salt
400 ml cold water (you may need a bit less)
around 2 tbsp oil

To make the dough mix together the cassava, millet and rice flours with the potato starch, xanthan gum and salt in a large bowl using a balloon whisk. This ensures that all the flours are distributed evenly.
Add the water slowly and mix using a wooden spoon. You may not need all of the water, the dough should be fairly soft and slightly sticky. When the dough has come together, knead it briefly to ensure everything is mixed together well. Bring the dough into a ball, and cover with clingfilm to stop it drying out.
Leave to rest for at least 30 minutes. If you don’t rest it, the dough will be difficult to shape and liable to fall apart.
When the dough has rested turn the oven to 220 degrees c and pop a tray in to heat up. Divide the dough into 16 pieces and shape each one into a rough oval, patting them out using your hands on a board dusted with plenty of rice flour.
Each oval should be around 0.5 cm thick. Rub a very little oil on the top of each oval.
Cook the pittas in batches on the hot tray for 10 – 12 minutes, until puffed up nicely.

By A. and E.

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