Mushroom and hazelnut burgers

I found myself in the mood for a quick and tasty burger, this really hits the mark, there is depth of flavour from the yeast extract and white miso, good crunch from the hazelnuts and they are really filling from the oats.. And they only take 5 minutes to assemble.

ready to serve

I’ve used more water than is strictly necessary, that’s because I wanted a thin burger and didn’t want it drying out, if you want to make thicker burgers then reduce the amount of water to 120ml.
Makes 5.

50g hazelnuts

150g mushrooms

50g soy flour

50g oats

150ml hot water

2tbsp sweet white miso

1tbsp gluten free yeast extract (I’m using the Meridian one)

1 tsp dried oregano

Half tsp dried basil

Salt to taste

Blitz the hazelnuts and mushrooms, I used the food processor attachment on my hand blender.

Mix with the flour and oats

 Mix together all the other ingredients so the miso and yeast extract dissolve then add the solution to the dry mix and stir together well.

Leave for 10 minutes to let the oats absorb the liquid.

Divide into 5 large flat-ish patties and cook in a hot, oiled, pan until firmed up and nicely browned, it should take about 8 minutes a side.

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