Kale salad with pine nuts and yoghurt and mint dressing

This was a super quick recipe but really tasty so it seemed blog worthy. Rather than doing my usual and munching through piles of uncooked kale I’ve steamed it this time, but it would work as well raw.

ready to eat

The flavours work together very nicely with the tang of lemon and yogurt, the slight bitterness of kale, the freshness of the mint and the creaminess of the pine nuts.

I also pressed the salad into use, without the pine nuts, as a burger topping …

this was a very good burger!

Serves 2


150g of kale shredded into chewable chunks

100ml soya yoghurt

2 tbsp lemon juice

3g fresh mint leaves (about 1 heaped tablespoon) chopped fine

25g pine nuts

Salt to taste

Start by steaming the kale, I used a colander over a pan of boiling water, and steamed it for 10 minutes till the kale has darkened in colour and the leaves have softened a bit.

Whilst it’s steaming, in a dry frying pan toast the pine nuts until the are a light golden brown. They only take a couple of minutes so do keep an eye on them!

Add the lemon juice to the yoghurt, with a pinch of salt if using, and mix well. Then add the finely chopped mint and mix again. Set to one side for a few minutes.

the dressing

When the kale is cooked shake to get off the excess water and put in a large bowl, stir through the the yoghurt mixture while the kale is still slightly warm and mix in most of the pine nuts retaking a few to scatter over the top prettily at the end

the salad again

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