Simple cultured cashew cream cheese

Here at veganbungalow, we’ve played around quite a bit with yogurt straining and cashew blitzing in various forms to produce an assortment of tasty, creamy, treats. This is a very simple combination of cashews and soya yoghurt, that can either be eaten straight away as a dip or left to culture for a day then refrigerated for eating over a couple of days, which will create a more tangy, developed flavour.


ready for eating

This does produce a result that starts off closer to being a dip for thickness, but will firm up slightly if left to sit for a few hours.

To add a bit of interest to the flavour I mixed finely chopped fresh basil and tomato into one pot and sage and crushed black pepper into the other.

There are only two points I can think of to watch out for with this recipe.

if you are leaving it to culture then you must use a glass or ceramic container to store the cheese in, I tend to steep them in boiling water before use to ensure they are very clean.

The other point is that it really does need a goodly amount of salt to bring out the flavour!

A helpful hint with it, is that I also use boiling water to soak my cashews in, it brings the softening time down tremendously.

To make two ramekins worth:

100g of raw cashews

1 small pot (125g) of plain (no sugar) soya yoghurt

Half a teaspoon of salt

Half a teaspoon of lemon juice

Flavourings to suit!

Start by soaking the cashews in water, either cold water and leave for about 6 hours or boiling water straight from the kettle and leave for an hour.

Strain the water off the cashews and discard.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until very smooth.


putting in all the ingredients together makes for an easier blitz!

Decant into containers and stir in any flavourings you are using, below is the picture of the amount of herbs and tomato I used

Then either eat immediately, or sit somewhere slightly warm (mine went on the windowsill) for upto 24 hours then refrigerate .. And eat!
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