Chickpeas with herbs, vegetables and capers

The chickpea recipe that I posted the other week made for a much more enjoyable work lunch than I thought it would… The chickpeas breaking down into the sauce made it sort of like a vegetabley hummus! It was very satisfying.

So here I’ve used a similar method, but with kombu, lemon thyme, capers and sun dried tomatoes to flavour the sauce. Yum!

Chickpeas with herbs

Chickpeas with herbs, vegetables and capers

serves 2

1 red pepper, cut into strips

1 courgette, cut into strips

1 400 g tin of chickpeas, drained

2 sun dried tomatoes finely chopped (or snipped with scissors, it’s easier!)

1 15 x 5 cm piece of kombu seaweed

a large sprig of lemon thyme

400 ml water

15 basil leaves

2 tsp capers, chopped

In a saute pan (with a lid) on a medium heat, bring the red pepper, courgette, chickpeas, sun dried tomatoes, kombu, lemon thyme and water to a simmer. Cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes. Remove the lid, turn the heat up to high and bubble the sauce until it has reduced to around 50 ml. Mine took 6 minutes. By this point the chickpeas should have started to break down into sauce. Remove the kombu and thyme, and then stir through the basil leaves and capers.

By E.

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