Sweet potato, black bean and herb burgers

I’ve been in such a burger mood recently, possibly since we came up with our new bread recipe it makes a very good burger roll, these burgers have a good zingy flavour with the fresh herbs and lime juice, the sweetness of the sweet potato, the earthiness of the black beans .. It gives a really good combination of flavours that blends really well together. 


ready to eat now

I’m using pinhead oatmeal and pea protein to bind the burgers together, if you don’t have them don’t worry at all, use an alternative like tapioca flour, potato flour pretty much any flour will help bind the mixture but start with a smaller amount first though as they will all bind differently.

I tried cooking these in a pan and the oven, both works well, but I think the oven works a bit better (and uses less oil) as the burgers need to cook through and are moist enough not to dry out.

Makes 6 burgers.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 centigrade fan.

1 medium sweet potato peeled and grated (mine weighed about 250g peeled)

1 400g tin of black beans, drained.

25g pea protein 

50g pinhead oatmeal

10g chopped coriander

10g chopped parsley

5g chopped basil

2tbsp fresh lime juice

Half tsp salt

A little hot water to help bind the mixture 

Add the grated carrot and black beans to a large bowl and roughly squash with a fork, this is just to break the beans up a bit, which will help bind our mixture.

Add the herbs, lime juice and salt and mix gently.

Add the oats and pea protein and mix together with your hands, it’s messy I know but it helps judge how much hot water is required to help the mixture hold together. Add enough hot water to hold the mixture together, I used about 30ml.

Leave the mixture to rest for 15 minutes.

sitting waiting to become burgers

Form into 6 patties and place on an oiled baking tray, pop in the oven for about half an hour. They freeze well too.

By A.

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