Comforting flapjacks 

I’m not sure if I’ve glutened myself over the last couple of days or if it’s a bad reaction to seasonal allergies, but I’ve been having bad stomach pain over the past couple of days, feeling sick and lethargic, it’s not much fun when it happens. It also makes picking what to eat very difficult.

 I tend to switch to the blandest foods I can think of, favourites include brown rice and steamed veg, or mushy pea and baked potato soup (I know it sounds odd, but it’s really comforting and nutritious when I’m struggling!) however .. A couple of days of this and I’m absolutely craving something sweet and indulgent .. 

I know it’ll irritate my stomach pains, but I’ve got a real hankering for flapjack…

This one is made with treacle, and muscovado sugar to give it a really rich deep, almost smoky flavour, the lemon juice adds a bit of contrast and lifts the flavour, it does benefit from a generous pinch of salt too.

I’m trying cooking it for longer on a lower temperature, to try and keep it nice and moist. Also this is only a small batch, note the size of dish further down, the recipe can easily be doubled, the baking time will remain the same.

Pre-heat oven to 150 degrees Centigrade.

Line a 3 inch by 6 inch baking dish with either baking paper or just rub with a bit of margarine.

75g vegan margarine

30g agave syrup

45g black treacle

75g dark soft brown sugar (muscovado)

150g oats

1 tbsp lemon juice

Pinch of salt

First off we need to melt the sugars and fats, I wasn’t feeling much like standing up at the time so just did it using short blasts from the microwave although a pan would yield at least as good results, and is less likely to catch. I started off by adding the margarine, agave syrup and treacle to a glass bowl and melting them first, they don’t really mix together so don’t worry if they still look separated, when melted add the sugar, with my mixture all I had to do was stir it in and it melted pretty much straight away, but could need more heat.

Next add the lemon juice and salt into the liquid then pour in the oats and stir through so that everything is coated.

Transfer to the baking dish and put in the oven for 40 minutes, start checking it after 30 though to ensure its not burning!

Leave in the dish until cooled and then slice into 4 pieces.

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