Creamy courgette spaghetti with olive and basil tapenade

Sheesh that’s a long title, certainly for a lunch! I’ve been wanting to try the carrot and potato ‘cheese’ sauce that’s been doing the rounds on the internets for the last year or so. Normally when I’m craving that sort of sauce I just make a batch of my own recipe butternut squash sauce, but this one gets such rave reviews, I had to try it. Having made a batch of it up, I then needed something to eat it with (to stop me from just standing over the pan with a spoon) I always enjoy making, and eating courgette spaghetti and the tapenade is just a lazy and healthier pesto equivalent.




I’m not going to reproduce the recipe for the sauce here as it pops up on a lot of blogs, the first one I found it on was at veganyumminess, I made it to their recipe, but didn’t blend it until absolutely smooth, as I wanted to see flecks of carrot. I like the sauce a lot, and it is very creamy gooey but I think I still prefer the taste  of my butternut squash sauce, that being said I’ll definitely be making it again. 

This dish ends up halfway between a pasta dish and soup and was so filling and satisfying.

To serve one substantial lunch, we need:

1 quantity of potato and carrot sauce ( we don’t use all of it)

2 medium courgettes, either spiralised, or julienned

4 olives (I used kalamata)

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

10g of fresh basil

Pinch of salt

First let’s make the tapenade, place the olives, basil, vinegar and salt into a mini food processor and blitz till it forms a rough paste. If you don’t have access to a food processor then chopping everything finely and mashing together will work just as well. Leave to sit so that the flavours amalgamate.

Pop the spiralised courgettes into a pan with a tiny amount of oil and cook until they start to release water.

When this happens spoon in 3 or 4 tablespoons full of the cheesy sauce and mix well, keep on the heat for a couple more minutes until the courgettes are at your desired consistency.

Decant into a bowl, and spoon over some of the tapenade. 

By A. 

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