Oat pancakes

To go with these sweet potato hash browns, I fancied a go at making something a bit like a Staffordshire oat cake, this recipe mainly differs in that it is using a far lower proportion of oats, it makes a hearty, filling pancake that is great for topping with other breakfast goodies… I made 4 great big pancakes but it would make a dozen small ones quite easily.

it doesn’t come accross. in the picture but these were about the size of my large frying pan!

70g gluten free oats

5g chia seeds

250g gluten free plain flour (This is a mix of rice flour, potato starch and maize flour)

7g sachet instant yeast

450ml hand hot water

Half teaspoon salt

Half teaspoon baking powder

Using a food processor ( I’m using the one that came with my hand blender) blitz the oats and chia seeds to a coarse powder.


this is the consistency of my oats and chia

Combine all the dry ingredients in a large bowl, then sloosh in the hot water and whisk well.

Cover the bowl and leave somewhere warm for an hour, unusually it’s actuall sunny here so my mixture is sun bathing 🙂

after an hour in the sun

Heat a frying pan, it needs to be quite hot, but doesn’t need any oil which is good!

For each pancake I used 4 of my largest serving spoons of batter .. I said they were big!

Cook for 3 or 4 minutes until the top looks dry, then either turn using or a spatula, or if you’re feeling flamboyant go the traditional pancake flip! Cook for another couple of minutes just to finish it off.

We had ours covered with tofu scramble, mushrooms, the sweet potato hash browns, and a soy yogurt and tomato sauce .. Such a good start to the day!


serving suggestion!

By A and E 

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