Spinach and mushroom Okara burgers

Today finds me feeling a bit under the weather, I have been for a couple of days actually, so I’m getting a bit tired of soup ( best not let Ellie hear me say that) and fancy something a bit more substantial to eat.

I’ve still got Okara knocking around from making soya milk (see the recipe here) and a cold baked potato as I tend to batch bake them and use them in other dishes ( soup made with marrowfat peas and baked potato is super comforting)

There isn’t anything in this recipe to bind them together but they still hold together well, if you want something more robust (for using as a frisbee or something .. I don’t know what you kids get up to nowadays) then 50g of gluten free flour of your choice, either a mixed or tapioca, would really firm them up.

ready for serving

150g frozen spinach defrosted

150g Okara

200gcold baked potato

150g mushrooms

15g of fresh parsley, including stalks

1 teaspoon olive oil, plus extra to fry.

2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar

Pinch of salt and pepper

This could all be done in a food processor or probably even with a hand blender, but I decided to roughly chop everything then squash it together with my hands. Hang on there must be more to it than that … Chop … Squash .. Nope that was it!

chopped and squashed

Now just form into 6 patties and shallow fry them until well browned and crispy, it took mine about 5 minutes a side.

Now I’m just going to eat one on its own with a bit of salad but in my head it’s on a toasted gluten free roll, with melted vegan cheese and vegan salad cream … Much like the picture below!

sigh… if only

By A

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