Olive, mushroom and basil spread

This little recipe is another happy accident governed by what was left lonely in my fridge after making other things. I wanted something to have on a sandwich to take to work tomorrow and the half a pot of hummus wasn’t nearly exciting enough on its own! But the olives had potential…

The spread is rather like a pesto, with olives replacing the cheese and adding the requisite salty richness. It’s a good job I made more than I needed, as it’s going to be great swirled through white bean soup, mixed with grains as a salad base, baked with tomatoes and aubergines… all sorts!

The bread in the photo is D S Gluten Free’s brown ciabatta rolls, which are my favourite by far of the vegan and gluten free breads available in the supermarkets. They have a lovely flavour, and a great texture, particularly when toasted.

Olive, mushroom and basil spread

Olive, mushroom and basil spread

makes 4 servings

5 mushrooms, chopped

2 big sprigs of basil (about 15 large leaves)

a small handful of fresh parsley

14 olives stuffed with almond (or use plain olives and 7 -8 almonds)

black pepper

1 tsp oil

Heat the oil in a small saucepan and saute the mushrooms over a medium heat until they are soft and have released some liquid. Turn off the heat.

Add the other ingredients to the pan (stalks and all for the herbs). And then whizz it together using a hand blender or similar until well combined but still with some texture. Cool before serving.

By E.

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