May’s Vegan Flowbox review

I’d like to start with a bit of an apology first, I completely missed writing the review of the April box, it was a great selection of foods and if I get chance I’ll write a retrospective review of it, as I’ve eaten most of what was in the box now it would be a fun thing to do.

Anyhow .. On to the May box.The first thing you notice is the weight of the box it’s immense. Opening it up the box is jampacked with goodies.

so much stuff!

The first item out is the only one in the box that I can’t eat! It’s a loaf of Ryebread by Biona organic, and it looks great, dense, hefty all the things a rye bread should be, it’s rye though so is full of gluten boo.
So popping that aside we have another heavy item, this is a can of Virtue Strawberry and Peach Ice Tea, it’s low calorie and full of vitamins, strawberries aren’t my favourite of fruits but I’m looking forward to trying it regardless.

Next there are two 30g sachets from Pip and Nut one of Coconut almond Butter and the other of Peanut Butter, I’m a big fan of nut butters so this could be the highlight of the box for me, the coconut one sounds fascinating!

Go*Do supply the next treat, it’s a Dark chocolate with coffee bar. I’m just trying to teach myself to like coffee so mixing it with chocolate seems like a good way to achieve this!

Let’s see now, 5 things left .. Which one to pick .. There’s a pot of Superfood Oat cereal by Vigilant Eats, I do enjoy having porridge for breakfast, and as I generally have breakfast at work this style of porridge pot is ever so handy, it’s a yummy sounding mix too with dates, coconut, maple syrup and other fun things in it..

Next we have an Oat, date and fruit bar from Frank* (actually Frank star, it’s not a link to a footnote) I think I’ve had these before and they are really good and filling and choc full of protein, this one is orange and chocolate flavour.

The next item just looks fantastic .. It’s a pack of what looks like tiny beetroot .. Which is appropriate as they are made of beetroot.. Its the Raw Health Organic rubylicious beet balls, these sound great, dates, nuts, beetroot powder and I love the presentation.

Biscru organic raw Banana and Blueberry crackers are our penultimate item, it’s a big bag (70g) with a very short ingredient list! Bananas, hulled buckwheat, hulled sunflower seed, golden linseed and blueberries. I do hope the blueberry flavour comes through with them as they could be quite the yum!

Last, but certainly not least, is a Pulsin Maca bliss raw choc brownie .. I’ve tried a number of the flavours in this range and I’m quite a fan. I got shooed out of the health food shop in Preston last week for pawing at their samples of these bars (well, not really, but if I’d kept eating them .. then, probably..) and one of my friends keeps her work snack drawer full of these treats which is a good recommendation!


all the things

What a great selection, and such a nice surprise when receiving the box for it to feel good and hefty too!

By A

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