May’s The VeganKind box review

I was a bit lax with my reviews of the boxes last month, I could make excuses about being ill and spending way too long on call for work but .. Who would listen! 🙂

This month’s The VeganKind box has turned up and it’s one of those fascinating boxes where I haven’t encountered any of the products in it before, so it’s just full of surprises!


The first thing out of the box is a bamboo toothbrush! I love it when there’s something wholly unexpected in these boxes and this is a great example, and will be useful too. It’s by ecobamboo and is made of Moso bamboo which apparently Pandas don’t eat, it also looks very smart .. so that’s all good!

Next out is a jar of Olive Branch’s Sun dried tomato paste with garlic and fresh basil, this sort of product is always useful for livening up sauces and sandwiches, this one has won a great taste award so should be rather yummy.

What do we have next .. It’s a Good Full stop fruit and nut based Mint chocolate bar .. Which is a very long name for a 35 gram bar, but it looks to be full of tasty ingredients and mint and chocolate are one of my favourite combinations.

The bright orange packaging draws my eye next, it’s a pack of Taking the Pea Sweet Chilli Salsa .. Which are coated crunchy marrowfat peas, and do sound rather fun, the pack says may contain gluten .. Which means it’d be a fairly brave day when I try them!

The next item is a definite no, no, for me but will no doubt brighten other people’s day! It’s a hazelnut and dark chocolate cream filled wafer bar by Sarelle. There’s wheat flour in the wafer which is such a shame as it looks very yummy!

Last out of the box, is another strikingly designed pack, this one is Chika’s Chilli Plantain Crisps these look great, Plantain, sunflower oil, salt and chilli they sound really good.

It’s a good fun box, oddly I think the toothbrush is the stand out item for me!

By A

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