Coleslaw with sweetcorn dressing

This is such a simple recipe it almost seems silly to write it out! The idea came from an episode of the tv program Diners Drive-ins and Dives, I’d never seen sweetcorn used in a coleslaw dressing before but it seemed like a rather delicious idea. And it is! The recipe I’d seen on tv included mayo, but I’ve gone for a much simpler, and very low fat version. It’s my new favourite coleslaw!

Coleslaw with sweetcorn dressing

Coleslaw with sweetcorn dressing

makes 4 servings

80 g sweetcorn (half a small tin)

2 tbsp cider vinegar

4 tbsp soy milk

salt and pepper

190 g white cabbage, shredded

2 carrots, grated

salt and pepper

Blend the sweetcorn, soy milk and cider vinegar together. Season with salt and pepper.

Mix the dressing with the vegetables, and you’re done!

By E.

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