quietness and catering

We’ve been a bit quiet on the recipe front for a few days… But with good reason!

We’re doing vegan and gluten free canapes for the opening of an exhibition at the Grundy Gallery in Blackpool on the 24th April! We’re very excited about it, and having a lot of fun perfecting our recipes.

Here’s our menu-


Palafel – parched pea falafel

Miniature ‘butter’ pies

Oatcakes with spice pickled beetroot and homemade vegan cream cheese


Miniature Manchester tarts

Goosnargh curd cakes

As you can see we’re doing a Lancashire/North West theme!

Here’s the details of the exhibition, if anyone is in the area you should come along! It’s called Modern History vol. 1.

Well be posting our recipes after the event, but here’s a picture of where we’re up to with the Goosnargh curd cakes…

Goosnargh curd cakes in progress...

Goosnargh curd cakes v2.2

By A. and E.

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