March’s The Vegan Kind box review

As sometimes happens both this and my Flowbox box turned up one same day, as they tend to get left with the neighbours it was quite convenient!

I’ll write a review of the contents of the Flowbox over the weekend, but thought I’ll start with The Vegan Kind box first this month.

On opening there is a welcome letter, an advert for Vegfest, and a recipe card for a scrummy sounding Tofu Pad Thai by Vegan Lass.

Underneath, the goodies lie…

The treats hiding in their box!

The treats hiding in their box!

First up is a tote bag, it bears the company logo and is colourful and nicely designed, but not food, so not massively interesting. I’m sure it’ll be fun for some people though!

They've escaped!

They’ve escaped!

Next up we have a Chai Mylk from Rebel Kitchen, I’ve tried a few of their milkshakes and they have all been very tasty, my only criticism would be that they need to be bigger! The ingredients are just water, coconut milk, date nectar, cacao, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom. I’m really looking forward to it.

Then we have a pack of Emily Fruit crisps – Crunchy banana. These are just banana and vegetable oil, the packaging is lovely and this style of treat is great for work munching.

Next is Angelic Sea Salt savoury biscuits, these are gluten free as well as vegan. Hang on .. I’ll try one before I say anything else … Munch munch .. Ooh, they are good. Nice crunch, slightly salty with a bit of onion. I’m relieved really as I’m not much of a fan of their sweet biscuits but these are great!

Last up, and oh I’m torn about this one! its the Round Up by Ananda foods, basically a veganised Wagon Wheel biscuit, it’s a good inch thick. Chocolate coated biscuit sandwich filled with must be a huge amount of marshmallow! Why am I torn ..? It’s made with wheat flour! I would be Ill for days if I tried this most delicious looking biscuit .. I may have to use it to bribe Ellie to help me with more work on the house!

I’m going to hide the Angelic biscuits .. I’ve eaten three now..

By A

4 thoughts on “March’s The Vegan Kind box review

    • It costs about £13.50 a month including postage, it can be quite hit and miss though, some months have been great, others like this month aren’t as fun. You always get more for your money than you pay though. The flowbox i get is the bigger one and that comes to about £22 a month but does seem a bit better value all told. I’ll try and get the review of that done this weekend. We’ve tried a sample bag from the northern vegan festival last year by vegan tuck box, it is all sweets and chocolate, it was good selection of treats and would make a good present for someone x

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