Roast sweet potato with mint and cashew pesto

It feels unusual to be cooking! This is Alex by the way, Ellie has, as you’ve seen, been cooking quite prodigiously!

I moved into a new house mid December, and it was a bit lacking in kitchen facilities. The new one is almost finished now, and goodness me it feels good to be surrounded by the smells of cooking food, with ingredients to hand and space to work … Ahhh I’ve missed it..!

This is a nice and easy dish to make, quick to put together, looks pretty, and the contrast in tastes between the sugary, rich roast veg and salty tangy pesto make it really satisfying.

The whole shebang

Serves 2 with plenty of pesto left over

pre-heat the oven to 220 celsius

200g sweet potato

150g butternut squash

5g mint leaves and stalks

50g cashew Nuts

1tbsp lemon juice

half a clove of garlic

100ml rapeseed oil

good pinch of salt

black pepper

Rice or quinoa to serve

Firstly chop up the sweet potato and butternut into smallish chunks and pop them in the oven. We want them to cook quickly enough to go fudgy and caramelised, I didn’t add oil to these, I don’t think it needs it so long as your bakeware is non-stick! It should take 20 to 25 minutes.

Veggies ready the oven

Whilst they are cooking pop all the other ingredients (apart from the rice!) into either a food processor or pestle and mortar and blitz till the ingredients are combined. i like them to keep a bit of texture for interest.

Pesto ingredients meeting for the first time

Dance around for 20 minutes singing the ‘I’ve got a kitchen again’ song or cook the rice .. Whichever appeals most!

Assemble and devour!

By A

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