Review – February’s vegan Flowbox

It’s always a fun day when a box full of vegan treats turns up on the doorstep! I subscribe to two of them, Flowbox and The Vegan Kind. They tend to turn up within a couple of days of each other which makes for an exciting couple of days but does mean I have to try hard not to treat binge!


its worth mentioning the presentation, the contents are wrapped in green tissue paper and tied with a bow, it feels like opening a surprise present every month!

Mystery present!

So.. What’s in the box…

All the things!

First out is a pack of yummy looking Nothing But beetroot and parsnip crisps, they are freeze dried slices, and look like they’ll be perfect for a work snack.

Next up was a Veggie-Go’s Sweet Potato Pie slice, and looking at the ingredients it is! Just apples, sweet potato and spices .. Off it goes to the work snack pile

A jar of Date & Sesame Spread by Savvy was next, it’s a combination I haven’t tried before and am really looking forward to it.

Then two teabags from Teatonics, one is Mind Awakening Yerba mate, the other Laid Back Botsnicals which is green rooibos, I’m a big fan of herbal teas so they also go on the work pile!

A Vego bar! If you’ve tried one before then you’ll know what a treat they are, if you haven’t then it’s a lovely creamy chocolate bar stuffed full of hazelnuts.

Something else I haven’t seen before Stur Liquid Water Enhancer, it looks to be a very concentrated cordial and is green apple flavour, I’ll try it later today.

Next up a Bar Fruit and Oat bar with Cranberrys, this style of bar always makes for a tasty treat… Work pile!

next is a big box containing 5 sachets of The Chia Co’s Oats +Chia in mixed berry flavour, I’m always a fan of anything porridge-like and use chia quite a lot in cooking so I’m really looking forward to trying these.

Last, but certainly not least, is a pack of The Raw Chocolate Co’s Organic Raw Mulberries. I’ve never seen sun dried mulberries before! The blurb on the back describes the flavour as sweet and tasty as toffee, that sounds like a win to me!

This months selection is mainly sweet, and is a good selection of products I’ve not seen before and should keep me in treats for a good while.

by A.

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