Review – Ten Acre Crisps

We first tried Ten Acre crisps a few months ago after a packet of their immensely tasty The Story Of When Cheese Met The Onion flavour appeared in one of A’s monthly vegan boxes.

And oh was it lovely to have a cheese and onion flavour crisp again! We did miss them after we went vegan. The cheese flavouring is strong and savoury, and very satisfying.

Ten Acre Crisps were launched in the UK at the end of 2013. They come in 8 flavours, along with a range of popcorn. The whole range is vegan, gluten free and kosher. Yay!

We stocked up on a few bags at the North West Vegan Fair in Blackpool last September, and tried very hard to make them last… they seemed to be quite hard to get hold of at the time.

A recent Veganstore order brought us a couple more bags of The Story Of When Cheese Met The Onion, along with How Chicken Soup Saved The Day, and When Hickory got BBQ’d.

When Hickory Got BBQ'd - photo taken on my desk at work, the crisps were for lunch today...

When Hickory Got BBQ’d – photo taken on E’s desk at work, the crisps were for lunch today…

The chicken flavour is salty, tasty and, to lift a phrase we never thought we’d use, finger licking good! The hickory crisps are a burnished golden colour full of smoke and tang and a taste that lingers long after the crisps have been wolfed down.

The crisps themselves are thicker than the mass produced type, but pleasingly so, not roof-of-mouth shreddingly so… Also, which is so important in a crisp, they actually look like they’ve been fried in oil. It’s all part of the joy of the snack!

The crisps themselves

The crisps themselves

Hopefully they’ll be stocked all over the place soon, as we’re very much looking forward to trying the rest of the range!

By A. and E.

5 thoughts on “Review – Ten Acre Crisps

    • They are great crisps, and not just because they are vegan and gluten free, they are that nice! What sort of thing have you ordered from the vegan store? We put a regular order in for the soya milk powder as it’s so convenient for work!


  1. We have been searching for a while for dairy free cheesey onion crisps. We also have a couple of packets of the soya whipped cream (fancy a banoffee pie) and some of the little non-refrigerated spicy sausages purely out of curiosity.


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