This is my basic mix for notmeatballs, sausages, burgers, kebabs… it’s really very versatile!

It takes all sorts of flavours really well, freezes beautifully and can be reheated in the microwave, in a frying pan, under the grill, in the oven… you get the idea!

My recipe for shish kebabs is here, and my recipe for corn dog balls is here.

Makes 24 notmeatballs

75 g  dried soya mince

1/2 tsp onion granules

1/2 tsp celery salt

1/4 tsp garlic powder

Pinch white pepper

50 g rusk

4 tbsp tapioca flour

1/2 tsp liquid smoke

1/2 tsp yeast extract

300 ml hot water

Dissolve the yeast extract into the hot water and stir in the liquid smoke. Mix the dry ingredients together then add the wet things and mix together really well. Leave 15-20 minutes before using to allow the dry ingredients to soften properly.

I like to roll the mixture into balls and bake them on an oiled tray at fan 160 c for around 20 minutes until the outside is browning. I then freeze them, and roast with vegetables or pop into sauce straight from frozen.

By E.

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