Gluten free breaded garden burger

Since turning vegetarian when I was 12, the garden burger, that mix of slightly chewy veg, rice and a crunchy coating has always been a favourite of mine.

I turned vegan and found out that a number of them were made with egg.

I started suffering when eating gluten and suddenly  they were all off the menu, even the non-crunchy ones tend to use wheat flour to bind the ingredients.

I know it’s hardly a gourmet food, but I missed it.


so .. Instead of languishing in my garden burgerless world, I set about creating one .. And was really pleased at how quick and easy they are!
In keeping with the spirit of the garden burger it uses frozen veg, microwave rice, and instant mashed potato both for speed and to get the correct texture!

So, what do we need..

50g instant mashed potato powder or granules

1 tablespoon dry mixed herbs

50g gluten free plain flour

300g frozen veg mix – I used the Tesco everyday mix, which is small pieces of cauliflower, broccoli, carrot and peas, there are a lot of alternatives available

250g pack of microwave rice

salt and pepper

gluten free bread crumbs – I whizz up stale gluten free bread in the food processor and pop it on a tray in the oven till it browns and goes crunchy. I used about 75g.

Vegg, or nut milk of your choice to get the breadcrumbs to stick

Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

The method is lovely and simple.

Microwave the veg and the rice put in a big bowl


Add the instant mash powder, flour and herbs mix together


Add salt and pepper to taste

Add enough hot water to make it stick together


Let it cool a bit while you make up your Vegg or pop your milk in one bowl, put the breadcrumbs in another.

Divide the mixture into 6, shape into patties and the dip in the liquid making sure both sides are covered then pop it in the breadcrumbs and roll it around to make sure it’s well covered.

Place the burgers on a foil lined oven tray that’s been brushed or sprayed with a small amount of oil.


Bake for 15 minutes, turn over and bake for another 10 to 15 minutes until they are an even golden brown and cooked through.

Drench in all the condiments, cover with vegan cheese slices and enjoy!

On my first go I added 10g of nutritional yeast, which does add a little more depth to the flavour but isn’t particularly in keeping with the burger. Some mustard powder would also be a really tasty addition..

By A.

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