Pasta bolognese finished in the oven

Pasta bolognese

Pasta bolognese

There are some evenings when you get back from work and want comforting foods and don’t mind waiting for an hour for them (I’m not talking about takeaway!) This evening was one of those.

Nothing clever, nothing fancy, just comforting.

Pasta bolognese finished in the oven (See, even the title isn’t fancy and takes a while..)

In a saute pan heat about a tablespoon of oil.
Add 400g of your favourite vegan mince.
While it browns a bit..
Chop two carrots into centimetre cubes
Slice up a big onion
Slice as many mushrooms as you can sensibly fit in a pan (I’m very fond of mushrooms)
Smush a clove of garlic
By the time you’ve done this the mince should be browned.
Pop all your slicings and choppings into the pan with a tin of tomatoes, about a cup of water, and as much seasoning as you like, I used about a tablespoon of dry mixed herbs.
Bring to a gentle simmer, pop the lid on the pan and leave till the veg is about cooked. For me this was about 25 minutes.
In another pan cook about half a bag of pasta.
When all is done, combine together in an oven proof dish and if you fancy top with the vegan cheese of your choice. We’d made Miyoko’s mozzarella the other day which did the job admirably.
Place in a medium oven for about 20 minutes.

By A.

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